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Cultural Passport Program

The Cultural Passport program is an innovative educational initiative designed to provide Miami-Dade County Public Schools students in grades K-12 with cultural field experiences.  Initiated by School Superintendant, Alberto Cavalho, this program has been instrumental in GableStage’s ability to provide free morning performances for thousands of Miami-Dade County Public School students annually.

Study Guides

Resources for the Educator

It is GableStage’s hope to be a theatrical resource in the area. If you should need any information or have questions about the theatre in general, please feel free to send an email to or reach out to us on our Facebook page.

The following links are great resources for the Drama Educator or for the Educator who wants to integrate arts into their classroom:

General Theatre, Plays and Monologues for highschoolers:

A wonderful Shakespeare resource:

Theatre Communications Group:

The Opera Machine—An interactive look behind the scenes of Opera:

National Thespian Festival:

Florida Thespian Festival:


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Past participants have said:

“Culture and literacy at its best!”–North Miami Senior High

“Excellent! Sparked conversation and motivated students to read further!”–TERRA

“All the world’s a stage! And what a magnificent company of players you are. I thank you for sharing your incredible talent and time to share your passion for the Bard. BRAVO!!”–Lawton Chiles Middle School

“The show was fantastic and my students are STILL talking about it!”–Miami Springs Middle School