We are excited to present ENGAGE@GableStage, our first series of virtual World Premiere projects, selected through a commissioning grant process. After a very competitive application period receiving innovative and versatile projects from artists throughout the country, the selected projects exemplify GableStage’s values of thought-provoking and engaging entertainment that also highlight a diverse group of artists, voices, and stories. The purpose of ENGAGE is to empower artists to create short-form digital content, in any artistic discipline, that remains consistent with GableStage’s mission of producing work that confronts today’s issues and ideas with innovative productions that entertain, educate, and challenge diverse audiences.

ENGAGE@GableStage kicks off on July 31 at 7 pm with an original photo montage by photographer George Schiavone set to a newly created musical score by Sound Designer Matt Corey, a retrospective and new perspective on the GableStage productions of the past two decades. This special project that was commissioned by GableStage for the programs’ launch will set the stage for this new season of weekly world premiere productions over the next two months. Grantee projects will receive digital world premieres every Friday thereafter at 7 pm, from August 7 – September 25.

The Art of GableStage through the camera of George Schiavone and the music composition of Matt Corey, long-term resident photographer and sound designer.

How does it feel to inhabit a body that is revered, detested, over-sexualized, ridiculed, fetishized, profaned, killed? Black art song and negro spirituals will provide the foundation to create this performance of celebration & reclamation of blackness that is part concert, part spoken word, and wholly theatrical.

The journey of a young man trying to find connection in a galaxy that has shrunk to the dimensions of his parents’ home during lockdown. Is it possible to find love when the only good wifi is in the kitchen and your mother is two feet away?

A Florida Story aims to tell the stories of the voiceless people whose anonymous faces constantly pop up in mug-shots and headlines all across Florida – the misunderstood and the misrepresented, celebrating the secret trials and unspoken desires of the underdog, the outlier, and the renegade in the spirit of the world it is inspired by.

Pretty Boy Josh is an experimental short film that explores the stigma of homosexuality in the Miami Latinx community, illustrates the dangers of hypermasculinity, and voices the possibility of living an optimistic queer life. 

On February 14, 2017, Rachel Finley lived a modern America fear: “There is an active shooter in your son’s school.” Combining music, film, spoken word poetry, acting, symbolic movement and innovative costuming, this piece creates a visceral exploration of America’s obsession with violence, munitions and the price of our “freedom.”.

Reboot is a dark and funny look at one man’s mid-life crisis in a time when exponential changes make him question his own sanity.

A look at the ties between the Shakespearean canon and the astrology of the late 16th & early 17th centuries. Somewhere between Nicolas Copernicus and Isaac Newton, astrological knowledge slipped from common usage. How is it relevant today? And what did it mean to Joe Adler?

Short sci-fi film and digital theater piece, 1/1000 follows a tech worker whose existential thoughts reach a fever pitch due to his isolation amidst a pandemic and racial tensions. When he receives a mysterious device that allows him to adjust statistics in his life, this sparks a chaotic shift in his reality, for better and for worse.


Thank You For Your Support

GableStage is grateful to the following individuals and families who made charitable contributions
to GableStage even though we were unable to complete our 2019-2020 Season.
Their generosity supports our gift to the world of premiere Engage@GableStage performances.

Rosa Abraira
Dora Acherman-Chor
Richard & Maureen Adelman
Sara Adler
Jeffrey Agron
Ellie Aibel
Al Alschuler
Kevin Andrews
Ann Anthony
Mario Arnaez
Frances Aronovitz
James and Jane Atkins
Lynn Atkinson
Georgette Ballance
Edwin & Carol Ballent
JoAnne Bander
Mya Bannard
Rona Bartelstone
Harold Becker
Ruth Behlman
Michael Bell
Yael and Eyal Ben-Chanoch
Wendy Benjamin
Bonnie Berg
David and Cindy Berger
Michael & Sheila Berke
Vida Berkowitz
Samuel & Lynn Berkowitz
Anne Berman
Melinda Berman
Nada S Bernat
Alan & Jayusia Bernstein
Alan & Barbara Bisno
Wil and Rachel Blechman
Joyce Bloch
Joseph & Hope Blonsky
Margery Bloomberg
Larry & Fran Blum
Joyce Boch
Ms. Milica Bookman
Caryn Boren
Jean Boutrouille
Lloyd Bowein
William Mahone and Lynn Bowman
Thel Boyette
Walter Bradley
Fred & Mary Brenner
Richard & Margaret Brodsky
Lee & Peter Brooke
Harriet Brookman
Nancy Brooks
Ruth Brophy
Esther & Jack Brown
Mark & Margie Buchbinder
Ann B. Bussel
Charles & Rosemary Butler
Bernard & Peggy Butts
Barbara Buzzi
Ronald Canizares
Val Carroll
Sy & Joyce Chadroff
Cynthia Christoph
Carlos Coelho
Max & Marsha Cohen
Adrianne and Jerry L. Cohen
Sam & Eva Cooperman
David Coulson
Sylvia Crespo
Karen Dainer-Best
John & Letty Daniels
Alix Danziger
John Davis
Kathleen Deutsch
Deborah Dewey
Sally Dieguez
Susan Doucha
Arlene Drexler
Richard Duncan
Paul Dunham
Arlene Easley
Dennis Edwards
Roni Elegant
Stuart & Linda Farber
Judith Farber
Richard & Daria Feinstein
Gail Fels
Robert and Sissi Feltman
Maria Fernandez
Ann Fisher
Herb & Edith Fishler
Nancy Fleischman
Susan Fletcher
Carol & Ken Flicker
Merle Frank
Elisabeth Frank
Audrey Frank
Hanni Frank
Barbara Frey
Michael Friedman
Renee Friesner
Lisa Furlong
Elizabeth Gadinsky
Jill & Harold Gaffin
Michael Gaines
Marti Gammon
E. Harold and Linda Gassenheimer
Laura Gelber
Nancy & Ron Gelles
Martin & Leslie Genauer
Michelle Gersten
Judy Gilbert-Gould
Jon Gillette
Robert & Mia Glick
Lori & Charles Gluck
Lori Gold
Marion Gold
Michael & irma Goldstein
Barbara W. Goodman
Neil Goodman
Sheila Goodman
Judy Gotthoffer
Robert Gottlieb
Karen and Bruce Gottlieb
Hans Graber
Maureen & Larry Gragg
Beverly Greenberg
Ruth Greenfield
Werner & Diane Grob
Leslie and Frances Gross
Delia Grossman
Carolina & harvey Gurland
Louis Hafken MD
Josette Hagel
Gerald & Lois Halpern
Ossie Hanauer
Harriet Harris
Gail Harris
Sandra Harris
Lydia Harrison
Terry & Michelle Hauser
Nancy Havas
Barbara Havenick
Susan Helfman
Cynthia Hibnick
Miriam Higuera
Ron & Miriam Hinds
Naomi Hirsch
Anna Hochkammer
Steffi Hoffman
Peggy Hollander
Carole Holtmann
Burton & Naomi Honig
Mitchell & Sherry Horwich
Lisa Howe
Michael C. Hughes M.D.
Larry & Kathy Hurwitz
Peggy Hutson
Marjorie Jackson
Richard & Judith Jacobs
Bernard & Florence Jacobson
Donna & Julia Janigian
Alice Jay
Paulette Johnson
Fred Jonas
Sheryl Jordan
Allan Kahane
Arlene Kahn
Nilza Kallos
Barbara Kanzer
Joyce Katz
Michael Katz
James Kaufman
Bernita King
Michael & Linda King
Mark Kirby
Peter Klein
Al and Priscilla Klomparens
Joyce Klusner
Robert Knecht
Andrea Koonin
Neil & Dorothy Koreman
Phyllis Koss
Roy Krochmal
Janet Krutchik
Rebeca Krys
Celita Lamar
Carole Landa
John Lantigua
Wendy Lapidus
Alice and Alan Lash
Edward Lasoff
Ellen Lavin
Genii Leary
Joann Lederman
Harriet Lefley
Jaklin Levi
Sidney & Sally Levin
Paula Levine
Sam & Stephanie Levine
Randie Levine
Frederic Levine
Robert & Joanne Levite
Edgar & Cynthia Lewis
David & Renee Lieberman
Lyle & Amy Lieberman
Martin & Barbara Liebling
Barbara Liebmann
Abraham Linkewer
Charles Lipcon
Norman & Nancy Lipoff
Dr. Myra Locke
Edward Loeb
Irene Loredo
Stanford Lotwin
William & Carolee Ludwig
Dan Lundberg
Gene Majka
Thomas & Linda Mann
Krystal Marcus
Noreen Marcus
Babbie Marder
Barbara Markowitz
Deborah Marks
Bruce Marmar
Teresa Marsh
John Martin
Ronald Mayer
Janet McAliley
Betty McClaskey
Rose McVeigh
Lila Menowitz
Stewart & Corinne Merkin
Faith Messing
Dr. Neil & Madelyn Messinger
Don & Eneida Michelson
Glenna and Michael Milberg
Evalyn Milledge
Alice Miller
Howard Millhauser
Hank & Pippa Milne
Phoebe Mirsky
Kathleen Monahan
James & Cecelia Mooney
Josefina Moran
Dahlia Morgan
Joan Morrison
Joan Morris-Powers
Dale Moses
Barry Mukamal
Patricia Murguia
Thomas Murphy
Elizabeth Newman
Nina Nissenfeld
Clark Nobil
Josephine Norris
Barbara O. Davis
Marygrace O’Hearn
Ana Onetti
Linda Ordetx
Karen Paige
Patricia Papper
Alan & Barbara Pareira
Roslyn Pass
Nancy Pastroff
Paul Pataky
Shelley Payne
Marci Pearl
Allan Pekor
Baldo & Hilary Pellicer
Richard Perle
Ann Petel
Inge Peters
Joyce Peterson
David Pollack
Pearl Pressman
Susan Price
Sandra Price
Pepper Prigal
Juan Quinones
Toni & Robert Radler
Ed & Barbara Raduns
Adrienne Rainerman
Luis Ramirez
Judith Ratzan
H Frances Reaves
Rodrigo Rego
David Reinhard
Joerg Reinhold
Terry & Marcia Reisman
Irma Rey
Candice Richard
Mary-Keen Robinson
Michelle Robinson
Raul R. Rodriguez
Lori Roscoe
Paul Rose
Floyd & Michele Rosen
Ronni Rosenberg
Ellen Rosenblatt
Joy Rosenbloom
Robert & Roz Rosenblum
Kenneth Rosenthal
Charles & Roxanna Ross
Lauri Ross
Leslie and Bernice Roth
Randi & Len Rothenberg
Elca Rozentzvaig
Anita & Al Rubinstein
Laurie & Paul Russell
Deborah & Saul Sack
Karen Sade
Jean & Lina Samimy
Michael Sampson
Joel & Adele Sandberg
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Sandrow
Charles & Linda Sands
Dan Sarel
Carmi Saunsaucie
Gisela Savdie
Claire Savitt
Daniel Sayre
Sylvia Schachner
Lillian Schanfield
Michael Scheck
Elliot H. Scherker
Samuel Schrager
Joseph Schwartz
Charles Schwartz
Gerald & Debra Schwartz
Joyce Scott
Bernard & Michaela Segall
Sylvan Seidenman
Aldo Serafini
George Sfakianakis
Andrea & Greg Sharp
Bruce Shaw
Hannah & David Shear
Florence Shiff
Sanford & Lyndol Siegal
David & Holly Siegel
Bernard Silver
Myra Silverstein
Barbara J. Simmonds
Sandra Simon
Robert & Victoria Simons
Norton Small
Linda M Smith
Leon Smith
Oscar Soicher
Gerrie Soman
Norma & Herbert Sonnenklar
Richard Spirer
Jeanne & Michael Spital
Bradley Stark
Alan & Lynne Stein
Miriam Steinberg
Suzanne Steinbook
Herbert & Marcia Stettin
Marilyn Stoler
Robert S. Stone
Michael & Shelley Stone
Lawrence & Elise Strauss
Charles & Rosalyn Stuzin
Jetty Susi
Clotilde Tamers
Jodi Tartell
Richard & Gloria Tejera
Terrie Temkin
Priscilla & Richard Thurer
Daniel Tilley
Dr Leonard & Janis Toonkel
Rick & Myrna Toren
Sydney S. & Judith Rood Traum
Robert Trescott
Michael & Debbie Troner
William & Freda Tschumy
H. Allan Tucker
Carol Tucker
Antonio Valido
Patricia Vanderklaauw
Silvia Vasquez
M. Therese Vento
Suzy & Sadek Wahba
Stewart & Beth Wald
Dianne Walsh
Sylviane Ward
Bruce Warshal
Deborah Watarz
Bonnie Webman
Judith Weinstein
Roberta Weiss
Sharlene Weiss
Linda Weitz
Allan Wesler
Ronnie White
Sally (Sarah) Wiener
Ruth Wiesen
Norma Wilson
Anthony Wine
Betty & Michael Wohl
Carlos & Meredith Wolf
Bruce Wolf
Jessie Wolfson
Paul Wong
Estela Yakeen
Ann Young
Dr. Jason & Marsha Zellner
Sherry Zimand
Ira Zweifler