Pretty Boy Josh

Pretty Boy Josh is a performance art piece that explores the stigma of homosexuality in the Miami Latinx community,
illustrates the dangers of hyper-masculinity, and voices the possibility of living an optimistic queer life.
Told through the lens of a gay, Latino, and chronically ill young man, this piece utilizes video projections, voiceovers,
movement, acting, archive footage, and sound to express his personal story in a series of transitional multi-media waves.

JOSHUA HERNANDEZ is a Miami and NYC based actor and performing artist. His theatre background (Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, Florida State University, Theatre Academy London) lends a foundation to his approach to performance and storytelling.

He has worked professionally on stage, in front of the camera, and in immersive interactive spaces. As a gay Latino performer, Joshua is interested in creating content and telling stories that highlight the queer and Latinx experience.