Citizen Tom Paine

by Howard Fast

April 21 – May 27, 2001

Citizen Tom Paine


This play recreates the life and times of the brilliant firebrand and pamphleteer whose words helped inspire the American Revolution, and the survival of George Washington’s beleaguered Continental Army.

Who’s Who

The Cast

Thomas Paine: BOB ROGERSON
Adams, Mason, 2nd Guard: JASON ALLEN
Ben Franklin, Clootz: KEN CLEMENT
Auctioneer, Jefferson, Bell, Hicks, Robespierre: Heath Kelts
Randolph, Washington: Kevin Reilly
Aitkin, Dunn, 2nd Member: George Schiavone
Dickinson, Redcoat A, Napolean: Greg Schroeder
Amy, Mme. Bonneville: Sarah Slaughter
James Monroe, Redcoat B, First Member: Paul Tei
Zeke, Marat, 1st Guard: Michael Vines

The Artists

Playwright: Howard Fast
Director: Joseph Adler
Set: Lyle Baskin
Lighting: Travis Neff
Music/Sound Design: Nate Rausch
Costumes: Anne Toewe
Technical Director: Osvaldo Palacios
Stage Manager: Daniel Levain

Citizen Tom Paine

Photos: George Schiavone