GableStage CoVid-19 Refund Policy

Refund Deadline

The refund deadline was June 30th, 2020 – with all subscribers being emailed 5 weeks in advance

All subscribers who did not request a refund by that date will receive recognition
for a Contribution in the amount of 2/3 of the subscription price they paid.

Refund Process

  • Gift Certificate purchases were credited back to the certificate (for future use).
  • Individual ticket buyers for canceled performances could receive a refund of the net amount received by GableStage.
  • Season Subscribers – who paid with a credit card, check or cash – were allowed a refund of a pro-rata share of 2/3rd of the net amount GableStage received from their purchase.

Miami-Dade County COVID Updates

As many other organizations, we are following County guidelines and updates to ensure patron safety.

For more information, please visit: