Engage @ GableStage

We are excited to present ENGAGE@GableStage, our first series of virtual World Premiere projects, selected through a commissioning grant process. After a very competitive application period receiving innovative and versatile projects from artists throughout the country, the selected projects exemplify GableStage’s values of thought-provoking and engaging entertainment that also highlight a diverse group of artists, voices, and stories. The purpose of ENGAGE is to empower artists to create short-form digital content, in any artistic discipline, that remains consistent with GableStage’s mission of producing work that confronts today’s issues and ideas with innovative productions that entertain, educate, and challenge diverse audiences.

ENGAGE@GableStage kicks off on July 31 at 7 pm with an original photo montage by photographer George Schiavone set to a newly created musical score by Sound Designer Matt Corey, a retrospective and new perspective on the GableStage productions of the past two decades. This special project that was commissioned by GableStage for the programs’ launch will set the stage for this new season of weekly world premiere productions over the next two months. Grantee projects will receive digital world premieres every Friday thereafter at 7 pm, from August 7 – September 25.

The Art of GableStage through the camera of George Schiavone and the music composition of Matt Corey, long-term resident photographer and sound designer.

How does it feel to inhabit a body that is revered, detested, over-sexualized, ridiculed, fetishized, profaned, killed? Black art song and negro spirituals will provide the foundation to create this performance of celebration & reclamation of blackness that is part concert, part spoken word, and wholly theatrical.

The journey of a young man trying to find connection in a galaxy that has shrunk to the dimensions of his parents’ home during lockdown. Is it possible to find love when the only good wifi is in the kitchen and your mother is two feet away?

A Florida Story aims to tell the stories of the voiceless people whose anonymous faces constantly pop up in mug-shots and headlines all across Florida – the misunderstood and the misrepresented, celebrating the secret trials and unspoken desires of the underdog, the outlier, and the renegade in the spirit of the world it is inspired by.

Pretty Boy Josh is a performance art piece that explores the stigma of homosexuality in the Miami Latinx community, illustrates the dangers of hyper-masculinity, and voices the possibility of living an optimistic queer life. Projections, voice overs, acting, archival footage and sound express this story in a series of transitional waves.

On February 14, 2017, Rachel Finley lived a modern America fear: “There is an active shooter in your son’s school.” Combining music, film, spoken word poetry, acting, symbolic movement and innovative costuming,this piece creates a visceral exploration of America’s obsession with violence, munitions and the price of our “freedom.”.

Reboot is a dark and funny look at one man’s mid-life crisis in a time when exponential changes make him question his own sanity.

A look at the ties between the Shakespearean canon and the astrology of the late 16th & early 17th centuries. Somewhere between Nicolas Copernicus and Isaac Newton, astrological knowledge slipped from common usage. How is it relevant today? And what did it mean to Joe Adler?

Short sci-fi film and digital theater piece, 1/1000 follows a tech worker whose existential thoughts reach a fever pitch due to his isolation amidst a pandemic and racial tensions. When he receives a mysterious device that allows him to adjust statistics in his life, this sparks a chaotic shift in his reality, for better and for worse.