Audition Notice 2021-22 Season

Gablestage 21-22 Season – Equity Video Submissions
GableStage | Coral Gables, FL

Notice: Video Audition  |  Call Type: Equity Auditions for Principal Roles


Submissions due August 5

Online submissions only – no appointments.

AEA members are asked to record a 1-2 minute contemporary monologue – along with a digital copy of your headshot and resume – and send it to

For further inquiries, call 305.446.1116
between 10am and 5pm. 

SPT 8; $638 / week

Equity actors for various roles in the
upcoming 2021-22 Season. See breakdown.

Local South Florida actors encouraged to submit

Prepare a 1-minute contemporary monologue (comedic or dramatic) of your choosing.

Submissions for ME BEFORE YOU should include a musical piece of your own choosing.

Videos can be submitted via a link to your Vimeo, Youtube, personal website or other online account you prefer.  Videos should be viewable (without requiring downloads).

Video Auditions

Bari Newport, Producing Artistic Director, will be reviewing auditions. 

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination.

Equity is committed to diversity and
encourages all its employers to engage in
A policy of equal employment opportunity
designed to promote a positive model of
inclusion. As such, Equity encourages
performers of all ethnicities, gender identities,
and ages, as well as performers with
disabilities, to attend every audition.
Always bring your Equity Membership
card to auditions.


THE PRICE by Arthur Miller
Rehearsals start October 21 | Runs November 10 thru December 12, 2021

Victor Franz (Male, 50-59)
A NY police sergeant nearing retirement – unsure about the future. Despite his good nature & loyalty, he has a deeply rooted frustration from giving up his dreams to support his bankrupt father. ALREADY CAST

Esther Franz (Female, 50s)
Victor’s wife, she has shared in the financial turmoil Victor has endured as he cared for his aging father. Believes the estate sale will be their salvation – and sees a doctor for alcoholism. ALREADY CAST

Walter Franz (Male, mid-50s)
Victor’s estranged brother. A prominent doctor – who despite success endured a nervous breakdown. Pragmatic & self-centered but has realized the price his actions have had on his family. ALREADY CAST

Gregory Solomon (Male, 70+)
A wily Jewish-Russian antiques dealer with a bold philosophy and sense of humor. He emerges out of retirement when hired by Victor to negotiate the price of the Franz family furniture. ALREADY CAST

JOE PAPP AT THE BALLROOM adapted by Avi Hoffman & Susan Papp-Lippman
Rehearsals start November 30 | Runs December 17 thru December 31, 2021

Joseph Papp (Male, 57)
Famed American theater producer and director. Founder of Shakespeare in the Park and the Public Theater. Brooklyn Yiddish background. ALREADY CAST

THE WHITE CARD by Claudia Rankine
Rehearsals start December 16 | Runs January 12 thru February 13, 2022

Charlotte Cummings (Female, Black, 40ish):

Yale MFA graduate. Her most recent collection of work uses photography. She has received major prizes and is on the verge of breaking into the international art market. Her mother is a lawyer for the ACLU and her father is an epidemiologist at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital and a professor at Columbia University. 

Eric Schmidt (Male, White, early 40s):

Dealer. The great-grandson of Anton Franz Schmidt, who founded one of the most prestigious art galleries in New York. Eric is a connoisseur of modern conceptual art and a strong advocate of young progressive artists. He has been instrumental in shaping the Spencer Art Collection for the last decade and is on the board of the Spencer Art Foundation.

Charles Hamilton Spencer (Male, White, early 60s): 

Entrepreneur, art collector, early sixties. Highly knowledgeable, well connected to political figures & businessmen, he is a lover of contemporary art who made his money in real estate. He is also a well-respected philanthropist who is interested in diversity.

Virginia Compton Spencer (Female, White, 55-60):

Charles’s wife of 30 years w/ two sons. Interested in art & in her late twenties was an art consultant for corporate clients. 

Alex Compton-Spencer (Male, White, 20): 

A junior at Columbia University, and an activist. Deeply involved in current American politics, he is passionate as he sees the injustices in America. He sees his parents as part of the problem.


ME BEFORE YOU by Janece Shaffer and Kristian Bush

Rehearsals start January 25 | Runs February 23 thru March 27, 2022

Roz Emrich (Female, late 40s)
Capable, slightly controlling, feminist, outwardly strong & committed but internally terrified and exhausted

Raye Emrich (Male, mid 50s)
Handsome, well-preserved, warm, secure in what he knows (including his role as one of the “good guys.”)

Optional Accompaniment can be acquired here: audio & sheet.
Actors are free to audition with a song of their own choosing as well.

BOCA by Jessica Provenz

Rehearsals start April 1 | Runs April 21 thru May 22, 2022

Mo / Bruce (70s, Male, Jewish): 

MO: a sunny disposition, sees the world with rose-colored glasses. So joyful, he just might break out in song at any moment. Originally from New York, he and his wife Iris are the local pot dealers. He always seems vaguely stoned. 

BRUCE: a mensch. After his wife died recently, he became a flashy dresser, enjoying the attention of all the single ladies in the community. Avid golfer, a former Wall Street broker, he likes gadgets. 

Marty / Rabbi Wolberg (70s, Male, Jewish): 

MARTY: former New Yorker, obsessed with all things New York, a curmudgeon, a grouch, who sees the glass and the world as half empty and likes to complain about all of it! Divorced for a long time and prefers the company of a cat to a woman — a cat will put up with him. 

RABBI WOLBERG: former rabbi who is hard of hearing (which is convenient when he wants to opt out of conversations). Kind and frail, and his confused state makes him easy to underestimate — but he can rise to occasion. 

Luis / Father Tom (60s-70s, Male, Latino): 

LUIS: Latino, one of the sexiest Boca Bros in the development. An amiable, easy going guy, who keeps in shape and is happy to play second fiddle to his wife, Susan. 

FATHER TOM: very tall, a former priest married to Barb, clean cut, and so straight as an arrow, he verges on being a bore.

Janet/ Louise (60s-70s, Female, Any Ethnicity): 

JANET: a Boca Babe, a Jewish, sassy smartass on the hunt for a man after her husband passed. Originally from Brooklyn, she is well-preserved by whatever means necessary (god given or man made). Janet is stylish, her hair is well-coiffed, lipstick and smokey eye make up expertly applied. 

LOUISE: a yoga instructor who talks like a yoga instructor in and out of the studio. Despite her excellent posture and the ability to take calming breaths in stressful situations, she is in need of a spiritual awakening. Her husband is deceased, and she is lonely and isolated.

Elaine/ Barbara (60s-70s, Female, Any Ethnicity): 

ELAINE: widowed and so lonely she’ll try anything to meet men including being the only female in an all-male golf league. She brings her southern charm and her gift for gab to any situation.

BARBARA: Father Tom’s proper, cute-as-a-button wife who could be straight out of the 1950s. She wears matching tennis outfits, has dinner on the table every night by six, and is perky, despite years of sexual repression.

FADE by Tanya Saracho

Rehearsals start May 10 | Runs June 1 thru July 3, 2022

Lucia (Female, late 20s, Latina)
Mexican-born, acculturated.  When in Mexico one would call her a “fresa,” but here, she’s just an Americanized Mexican who navigates the code-switching between Spanish and English as well as the rest of her (globalized) generation.  This is the “Tuitear” and “Googolear” generation.

Abel (Male, early 30s, Latino)
Born in the US, Mexican-American but quite Mexicanized. Born and raised in LA, proud of his Mexican heritage.  Got a little bit of a chip on his shoulder. Oh, by the way, don’t ask about his tattoos because it really bothers him to talk about them, okay? Just don’t. He gets grumpy. 

RUBENOLOGY by Vanessa Garcia & Ruben Rabasa

Rehearsals start June 21 | Runs July 14 thru July 31, 2022

Ruben Rabasa (Male, 80s)
Cuban-American. An actor & writer who has worked in over 60 films and TV shows – and at 81 years old, became the Meme of 2019 after playing Focus Group Man in the American sketch show. ALREADY CAST