GableStage seeks Stage Managers and Assistant Stage Managers

Stage Managers and Assistant Stage Managers

GableStage is seeking Stage Managers and Assistant Stage Managers for our upcoming season. We are looking for highly motivated and skilled individuals to join our team that will play a crucial role in the successful execution of our productions. The SM is required to attend/run all rehearsals/performances, be in constant communication within the production team, and ensure all production needs are met. The ASM will assist the SM with the preparation/running of all rehearsals/performances, is responsible for all prop/costume tracking, and other duties as assigned.

Candidates should have excellent organizational and time management skills, strong communication and interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and adaptability to changing production needs. Previous Stage-Managing experience required. SM and ASMs will report directly to the Director of Operations. We are accepting both AEA and non-AEA candidates.

Please send your resume to Katie Ellison, Director of Operations, at