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With a mission to provide the South Florida community with classical, contemporary, and new theatrical productions of artistic excellence, GableStage challenges its multicultural audience with innovative productions that confront today’s issues and ideas. By emphasizing nontraditional casting and employing the best of its local creative force, GableStage endeavors to meet the needs of its diverse community. Under the leadership of legendary producing artistic director, the late Joe Adler, GableStage was at the heart of producing adventurous theatre in South Florida for 23 years. Now, under the leadership of new producing artistic director, Bari Newport, GableStage has embarked on its next chapter. In addition to furthering the GableStage legacy of excellence, Newport has been charged to scale-up the company. The company seeks a goal-oriented, ambitious collaborator to work with board, staff and community stakeholders to define and realize the company’s institutional goals and long-term vision. 


The Managing Director will lead the company in partnership with new Producing Artistic Director, Bari Newport.  As GableStage’s chief administrative officer, the Managing Director will advocate for–and be a leader to–the company’s dedicated staff and ensure financial success within the organization.  Transparency and approachability are key characteristics for the sort of leadership that GableStage hopes to see in its Managing Director. The overarching priorities of the position include the following:

  • Establish and maintain a relationship of trust, encouragement, collaboration, and joyful exploration with Producing Artistic Director, staff, Board, artists, and supporters.
  • Be a financial development leader from both a contributed and earned income perspective, taking the time to learn about the philanthropic and patron culture in the region and to identify or create new previously unexplored revenue opportunities.
  • Ensure that all systems and procedures are aligned with a management philosophy that honors integrity and a dedication to strong business ethics.
  • Oversee all administrative and operational functions and look for efficiencies and improvements to protocol.
  • Lead annual budgeting process and monitor financial performance against goals, always anticipating changes that need to be made well in advance of need.
  • Explore new compensation and benefits strategies to attract and retain exceptional staff.
  • Help lead strategic planning process, examining mission, vision, and core values and how they may shift and change and be the constant measure in all of GableStage’s planning and execution.
  • Serve as a great partner to new Producing Artistic Director, modeling an advanced sense of collaboration that GableStage believes should exist in all parts of its organizational culture.
  • Take a progressive approach to improving communication within the organization.
  • Find innovative ways to share GableStage’s message in more engaging ways with an ever-expanding base of patrons and supporters.
  • Be a leading voice in making sure that a strong dedication to well considered EDI values are part of the firmament of all of GableStage’s operations.


While no one individual will likely possess all of these qualifications, we will make our evaluation on the following criteria:

  • Strong financial insight and experience working with budgets
  • Impeccable organizational and management skills
  • A deeply strategic thinker, someone who can anticipate challenges and opportunities and know how to navigate through an increasingly complex time for cultural institutions.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • A passion for fundraising and a talent for inspiring people to show their support in extraordinary ways.
  • Patience and persistence balanced with ambition and drive.
  • Humbleness and humility as a leader, someone who models integrity for the institution.
  • An active mind and interest in current events and how they impact cultural planning.
  • A winning sense of humor that seeks appropriate ways to celebrate success and learn from failed attempts.
  • An authentic dedication to making the world a better place through a full embrace of diversity, equity, inclusion, and access in one’s professional and personal life.


GableStage hopes to make its decision by June 2022 with the chosen candidate taking on the position shortly thereafter.

Please send resume and brief cover letter to

GableStage is an equal opportunity employer that celebrates diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

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