Sophie and Hans Scholl Lecture by Dr. Jud Newborn

Sophie and Hans Scholl Lecture by Dr. Jud Newborn

Risking everything to stand up for social justice, German college students Sophie and her brother Hans led a resistance movement against the Nazis. Their real-life struggle is movingly presented in David Meyers’ We Will Not Be Silent (January 6 – 29, 2023).

Dr. Newborn will present his award-winning, multimedia presentation Sophie Scholl and The White Rose, for the first time in Miami.

WHEN Thursday, January 19 at 7 pm

WHERE Temple Beth Am. 5950 SW 88th St, Pinecrest, FL 33156.


Jud Newborn

About Jud Newborn

Jud Newborn (PhD with Distinction, University of Chicago) is an expert on anti-Semitism, extremism, & the fight for human rights worldwide, in addition to being an author, Emmy Award-winning film curator, and dramatic multi-media lecture artist. 

Dr. Newborn is co-author of the critically acclaimed classic, Sophie Scholl and The White Rose, a compelling account of the unique anti-Nazi student resistance group led by Hans and Sophie Scholl, former Hitler Youth leaders who have become icons of “Civil Courage” in Germany today, and the epitome of what it means to be “Upstanders” rather than bystanders in the face of oppression. Now in a 3rd, Special 75th Anniversary Year edition, the work is widely acknowledged to be of urgent relevance in the light of today’s crisis of democracy. One of Dr. Newborn’s four programs, based partly on the book but with new discoveries, is “Speaking Truth to Power: The White Rose Anti-Nazi Resistance – And Heroes in the Fight for Human Rights Today.” He has lectured across the USA, & from Canada to Cape Town. 

At the height of the Balkans crisis in July 1995, Dr. Newborn gave the first lecture on the Holocaust held at the United Nations and called out against the UN’s abandonment of Bosnian Muslims to mass murder. During his doctoral work as a Fulbright and later Woodrow Wilson National Fellow, he hunted down former Nazis & volunteered to work briefly undercover for Poland’s “Solidarity” Freedom movement, six months into the declaration of Martial Law & the sealing of Poland’s borders. His dissertation is titled “Arbeit Macht Frei”: The Underlying German Cultural Meanings of the Holocaust. 

Dr. Newborn is also co-creator of the award-winning animated short about a triumphant child Holocaust survivor, Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest, a true story that reminds us of the need to protect those most vulnerable, whatever their backgrounds, wherever they live. Most recently, he was instrumental in salvaging one of the world’s most important collections of anti-Semitic artifacts, the Katz-Ehrenthal Collection, for which he found safe haven at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Comprised of 900 artifacts covering 500 years, it helps explain the Holocaust by demonstrating how deeply anti-Semitism was embedded in European popular culture. 

As a poet and lyricist, he has collaborated with country, pop and classical composers, including Pulitzer Prize winner Shulamit Ran. Today he serves as Special Programs Curator for Long Island’s renowned Cinema Arts Centre, bringing in Nobel Laureates, Kennedy Center Honorees, and Academy Award, Emmy, Grammy, Tony and Pulitzer Prize winners to interview for consciousness-raising programs before live audiences. He is currently working on the first major Hollywood motion picture about the White Rose.