Bad Jews by Joshua Harmon–CRITICS RAVE!

Bad Jews by Joshua Harmon–CRITICS RAVE!

[h1]BAD JEWS[/h1]
[h2]by Joshua Harmon[/h2]
[h3]November 22nd thru December 21st, 2014[/h3]

[h4]GableStage’s 2014-2015 Season Opener is a huge success!  The Critics Rave![/h4]

SAVAGE, DARKLY COMIC! Smart, blazing writing! Adler and his fine cast deliver every complicated twist and turn in Harmon’s emotionally volatile play about family, judgment and the permutations of faith! The actors are so utterly and artfully invested in their roles, that it makes each character fascinating to watch! ANOTHER EXCELLENT GABLESTAGE PRODUCTION!” –Christine Dolen, Miami Herald (see full review)

MERCILESSLY FUNNY and bracingly savage! A superb cast! Harmon has crafted an alloy of intellectual ideas and excoriating emotions! For all the rollicking humor and scorching attacks, the play has a message about differing ways the upcoming generation pays homage to its past! A DON’T MISS PRODUCTION!” — Bill Hirschman, Florida Theater OnStage (see full review)

RIVETING! Fierce exchanges that address such subjects as religious versus cultural Judaism, fidelity to family, Israel/Palestine, the Holocaust, the Jewish diaspora, and the specter of hypocrisy! Shockingly abrasive! Casting is spot-on! Coego is superb — her performance is FIERCE, PERSUASIVE AND THRILLINGLY INFECTIOUS!” — John Thomason, Miami New Times (see full review)

BITINGLY FUNNY! Its themes are so universal that it could be applied to any ethnicity or religion, so audience members may likely see their own families within the characters! Presents the audience with a cornucopia of questions and food for thought! Will leave the audience talking! DON’T MISS IT!” — Mary Damiano, (see full review)

REALITY, TRUTH AND POIGNANCY seldom seen on a local stage! Audiences will probably recognize in the characters people they already know, no matter what their religious affiliation! A POWERFUL, THOUGHT-PROVOKING MESSAGE!” — Ron Levitt, Florida Media News (see full review)

THE LAUGHS ARE TERRIFIC! A pure delight! A brilliant performance by Natalia Coego!” — Roger Martin, Miami Art Zine (see full review)