CHOIR BOY Reviews are in!

CHOIR BOY Reviews are in!


Pictured L to R: Samuel Enmud (David Heard), Melvin Cox (Bobby Marrow), Din Griffin (Pharus), Datus Puryear (A.J.), Vlad Dorson (Junior Davis)

Excerpt from MIAMI HERALD by Christine Dolen:

The performances in Choir Boy, both the acting and singing, are uniformly strong.

Griffin is a charismatic Pharus, a complicated kid who refuses to dial down his inner light. Cox makes Bobby his opposite, a kid with a hair-trigger temper and a mean streak. Dorson, a sunny actor with a high speaking voice, has spot-on comic timing as Junior, and Enmund telegraphs just enough of David’s troubled spirit to make the play’s denouement unsurprising. Puryear’s A.J. is an idealized, evolved adolescent; the scene in which he trims Pharus’ hair is one of the loveliest in Choir Boy. Veteran actors Haig and Randolph bring decades of finely honed skills to the stage, and Randolph (who really is a teacher at New World) lends his powerful voice to Been in the Storm So Long near the end of the play” Read the full review.

Excerpt from by Bill Hirschman:

“A decidedly gay teenager leading a religious-based choir at a regimented prep school for African-American boys would seem an improbable even impossible situation. But it’s a perfect theatrical metaphor for an individualist struggling to square his uncompromising self into a society built upon conformity.”

Immeasurably elevated by thrilling music performed live in five-part harmony, the depiction of this difficult dance is the premise and theme of playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney’s Choir Boy in GableStage’s intriguing production.” Read the full review.


Pictured L to R: Vlad Dorson (Junior Davis), Datus Puryear (A.J.), Melvin Cox (Bobby Marrow), Peter Haig (Mr. Pendleton), James Randolph (Headmaster Marrow), Din Griffin (Pharus), Samuel Enmund (David Heard)