In-Kind Donations “Wish List”

Tickets sales cover less than 45% of our operating costs.

Donations from individuals, either cash or in-kind gifts, help bridge that gap.



General “Wish List” for the Theatre


👖  1. Stackable Washer and Dryer

Costumes need to be cleaned! Having a washer/dryer on-site at the theatre will save time and resources.

🚚  2. Vehicles 

VAN: In addition to being able to bring our work to more locations within our community, having our own van will allow us to transport set, props and costume pieces from storage to the theatre in no time.

CARS: Out-of-town artists need to be able to get around. At the very least, they need to travel from artist housing to the theatre and the grocery store. Having vehicles of our own, would eliminate the need to rent a fleet of cars. Help!

🏠 3. Housing

Have a guest house, vacation house or airb-n-b? Housing with kitchens are needed for out-of-town artists staying two-weeks or more.

🕺 4. Rehearsal Space 

Have a large rec room? We need a mid-size space to rehearse a play while another production is performing at the theatre.

📦 5. Warehouse Space

Our theatre is intimate. Outside and inside. Extra warehouse space will help us store furniture, props and other materials used in the productions.

✈️ 6. Airline Miles

Help bring out-of-town artists and playwrights to the productions.

🌳 7. Flowers and Plants

Help beautify the entrance to GableStage! Plants and flowers in planters are welcome!


Five Reasons to Donate In-Kind Gifts to GableStage

1. You love GableStage

2. Joy of Giving

3. Public Recognition

4. Tax Incentive

5. Helping GableStage produce new theatrical productions of artistic excellence that challenge South Florida audiences with innovative productions that confront today’s issues and ideas.

Ready to donate? 

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