Address Unknown

[h1]Address Unknown[/h1]

[h2]adapted by Frank Dunlop from Kathrine Kressmann Taylor’s short epistolary novella of 1938[/h2]

[h3]January 7 – February 12, 2006[/h3]


The story of a friendship between a San Francisco-based Jewish art dealer and his former business partner, who has returned to Germany as the Nazi Party comes to power. As these dear friends become ideological enemies, one commits a cowardly betrayal while the other plots an ingenious – and deadly – revenge. The play demonstrates how the seeds of prejudice take root in an atmosphere of hatred.

[h3]Who’s Who[/h3]

[h4]The Cast[/h4]
Max Eisenstein: AVI HOFFMAN
Martin Schulse: KEN CLEMENT

[h4]The Artists[/h4]
Playwright: Kathrine Kressman Taylor
Editor: Frank Dunlop
Director: Joseph Adler
Set Design: Tim Connelly
Lighting Design: Jeff Quinn
Music/Sound: Matt Corey
Costumes: Erin Amico
Props: Claire Savitt
Technical Director: Carlos Rodriguez
Stage Manager: Michael John Carroll

Address Unknown

Photos: George Schiavone