The Blue Room

[h1]The Blue Room[/h1]

[h2]by David Hare[/h2]

[h3]June 16, – July 15, 2001[/h3]

The Blue Room


freely adapted from Arthur Schnitzler’s La Ronde
A sensation in London and on Broadway, it is a present-day adaptation of Schnitzler’s La Ronde, the controversial play that was closed by the police when it opened in Vienna in 1921. Two actors portray five couples in a variety of couplings.

[h3]Who’s Who[/h3]

[h4]The Cast[/h4]
[h4]The Artists[/h4]
Playwright: David Hare
Director: Joseph Adler
Set/Lighting: Jeff Quinn
Sound Design: Nate Rausch
Costumes: Daniella Schwimmer
Technical Director: Osvaldo Palacios
Stage Manager: Daniel Levain

The Blue Room

Photos: George Schiavone