Fat Pig

[h1]Fat Pig[/h1]

[h2]by Neil LaBute[/h2]

[h3]February 24 – March 25, 2007[/h3]


How many insults can you hear before you have to stand up and defend the woman you love – who is bright, funny, sexy – and happens to be plus-sized. From the author of The Shape of Things and This Is How It Goes.

[h3]Author’s Note[/h3]
The story really deals with human weakness and the difficulty many people face when trying to stand up for, live up to, or come out for something they believe in. And that’s pretty much me in a nutshell – well-meaning as can be, but surprisingly lame when push really comes to shove. Heroism, it would seem, is a tough gig.

As for the characters who populate Fat Pig, I love them all because they are so desparately human – they want to have convictions but, in the end, they’d rather be liked or get their needs met. They’re not conventionally likeable, perhaps, but they’re absolutely recognizable as people. Actually, I don’t ever worry too much about the audience liking my characters or wanting to see them in a sequel or buying some merchandise related to the show. Leave that to the movies. All I care about is creating individuals who are interesting. Interesting and as complex as people are in life. I hope I’ve done that here.
~ Neil LaBute

[h3]Who’s Who[/h3]

[h4]The Cast[/h4]

[h4]The Artists[/h4]
Playwright: Neil LaBute
Director: Joseph Adler
Set Design: Lyle Baskin
Lighting Design: Jeff Quinn
Music/Sound: Matt Corey
Costumes: Ellis Tillman
Props: Claire Savitt
Technical Director: Carlos Rodriguez
Stage Manager: Michael John Carroll

Fat Pig

Photos: George Schiavone