[h2]by David Mamet[/h2]

[h3]August 15 – September 13, 2009[/h3]


Two greedy Hollywood executives are set to pitch a can’t-lose deal to the studio boss when an unlikely obstacle, in the form of a seductive temp secretary, creates unexpected complications. Revived to great acclaim on Broadway in 2008, this hilarious, acid-etched satire depicts Hollywood as a culture as corrupt as the society it claims to reflect.

[h3]Who’s Who[/h3]

[h4]The Cast[/h4]
Bobby Gould: Paul Tei
Charlie Fox: Gregg Weiner
Karen: Amy Elane Anderson

[h4]The Artists[/h4]
Playwright: David Mamet
Director: Joseph Adler
Set Design: Sean McClelland
Lighting Design: Omar Martos
Music/Sound: Matt Corey
Costumes: Ellis Tillman
Props: Clara Fath
Construction: Chris Darsow
Technical Director: Carlos Rodriguez
Stage Manager: Kristen Pieski


Photos: George Schiavone