This is Our Youth

[h1]This is Our Youth[/h1]

[h2]by Kenneth Lonergan[/h2]

[h3]March 11 – April 9, 2000[/h3]


GableStage brings the first outside New York production of the Off-Broadway smash that takes a look at money-laden kids without direction.

[h3]Who’s Who[/h3]

[h4]The Cast[/h4]
Dennis Ziegler: NICK BIXBY
Warren Straub: OSCAR ISAAC
Jessica Goldman: SAMARA SISKIND
[h4]The Artists[/h4]
Playwright: Kenneth Lonergan
Director: Joseph Adler
Set: Rich Simone
Lighting: Jeff Quinn
Sound Design: M. Tony Reimer
Costumes: Daniella Schwimmer
Technical Director: Osvaldo Palacios
Stage Manager: Patience Sobel

Photos: George Schiavone